Part 1 has been recycled

When this book was first released in 2006, it contained a long history of my personal existence. Step by step explaining the choices leading to the point where I decided a whole new economic system had to be designed. If you told anyone back in 2006, people would stare a bit. Since the crashes of Lehman Brothers, the Icelandic Icesave Bank, the Dutch DSB and others and the following economic ‘double dip’, this part has become superfluous.

The world has chanced since 2006. Complementary and community currencies pop up like fungi. But als: the thinkers. Suddenly, we find about 20  holistic economic thinkers on our paradigm changers list. No longer I feel like a lonesome shouter in the desert (Dutch proverb), but there’s company showing up in the desert!

So it is time to play our best card: the circular coin for a circular economic system. Part one of this book is showing the way: it has been recycled. Let’s move on!