Quick Start Guide

Many users attracted by the subject may find it hard to tune into the spirit of energy and recycling. And it is hard to adapt to a holistic way of thinking. But for some users it may be really easy to tune in. In the past we have recognized the following groups of future users and their ability of a quick start:

  • Artists and designers. Most often used to not think top-down and not to count money as a measure of result. Intuitive understanding of the colours. Please proceed to page 58.
    • Users of the permaculture garden / lifestyle approach. The hands-on counterpart of colourcash. What’s new here is a way to count your blessings in numbers and possibly, a money system that suits permaculture. Please proceed to Part 2
    • Cradle- to-Cradle businesses. Already on the path of closing life cycles and reducing energy supply. Where Cradle-to- is a way to introduce ecology into business, colourcash may be a way to introduce business into ecology. Please proceed to Part 2.
    • Transition Town participants. An approach to reduce dependency on oil and prepare for climate change and peak oil. I hope this book may take your work to another level.