Colourcash users learn to see the difference between “things”. We do not mess up things that are different. We do not add their values into one big soup, which is what regular money  does. No, we separate.

The Colours

Colourcash uses a 3-D monetary unit. Each of the three colours indicates a specific, natural quality. Every product or service has a value (price) in all three colors: a Red value, a Green value and a Blue value. Some of which may be zero.


Red Red is indicating all forms of energy. This includes life, love and light. This means that food should always include Red and products that can not be eaten do not contain red.

One Red is defined as the amount of Energy in 100 gram of sun flower oil, i.e. 3300 kJ or 810 kCal.

Values of Red tend to be rather complex – almost as complex as Euros, because the energy in products is a complex topic. See the following pages for more information:  Prices of Food, Prices of Fuel. Also note that the definition refers to the energy within the oil, but for daily usage we need to know the energy required to produce and reduce a that product. Leaving it to the user to decide.


GreenGreen indicated material that is in its life cycle. It is recycled every time with the addition of “new” red. Food and bio-waste (compost able) are important containers of Green.

One Green is defined as 100 gram of materials within its (closed) life cycle.


Blue Blue is the material that is out of its life cycle. It is what is dumped into water or the air. It may also be put on incredible piles where it leads an unknown life.

One Blue is defined as 100 gram of materials outside its life cycle.


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