Colourcash, edition 2022

In the winter of 2022 I created a new version of both the Dutch book Een evenwichtige economie and the English translation Colourcash.

It has been a few years since we have done a workshop. But we can say, most of the work has probably been done. Colourcash is not alone. Core values of colourcash can be seen more and more in related projects.

The 2022 remake was necessary for a technical reason. Both versions of the book were built into this website. I used a wordpress plugin which was no longer maintained. It was full of errors. Access to the book was faulty.

This time I created both versions with Mdbook. Follow the link to see the similarity. This is tough software and I am happy to see the HTML version completed and working. Details are imperfect but at least it’s better than the old, buggy version.

The next plan with the book is to find a new publisher. The Dutch book has never been published in print, only as a PDF on the website. The English version was self-publised by using the foundation to have Lulu print and publish it.

2010 was quite a bit early for this release. Time seems right at the moment. Who knows a republication can reach a broader audience than the first release.

Barry Voeten, 22 januari 2022.