Do we use money to make something possible or do we live to make money? 

Did you get bored out on your old paid job? Did you start a second career? Are you dreaming of quitting the show and start a new adventure? Are you part of a movement running a transition initiative? Did you ever think: great, but, we need money!

Even the most fantastic project is usually connected to the old world of ” we do need money”.  With that money comes the paperwork, procedures and institutions. Are you still empowered?

Oh  no, not again!

We believe the transition movement is at the brink of leaving money as a tool. We’re searching for alternatives. Which alternatives are around and which one suits your principles and needs?

Workshop op tour

The workshop Growth or Balance?  is for all Transition Towns, Ecovillages and other communities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, England and Spain. The running time of the workshop is approximately 120 minutes.

Every audience requires action. In addition to a regular presentation, we use activities like movies, world café and DIY-presentations. We prefer that the workshop is adapted  to every audience and event. This is out way of making this workshop attractive for both groups that are new in Economics and those who gained experience.

This workshop is offered for free, because money is the system we want to get rid of in the first place. We are available for workshops during the weekend and on fridays in locations “near” Rotterdam, NL, and we can be booked for workshops abroad during summer and winter holidays.

More information

Please contact Barry Voeten or Suzanne Solk using the medium of your choice:


We use two slideshows: