How to set up a system that works for society? Which design errors in the current system do you want to avoid? Which building blocks are already there and how can we use them?

We explore the following subjects using interactive work forms.

Dutch Flyer for this workshop
  • Fractional Reserve Banking
  • Fiat Currency
  • Tape Worm economy / circular economy
  • Definition of units
  • Economics Upside-Down
  • Complementary currency
  • LETS
  • Time Banking
  • Minuto
  • Barter
  • Bitcoin
  • Ven
  • Ripple
  • Colourcash
  • Open Space / your Case


  • Doors: 9:00.
  • Start: 9:30.
  • End: 15:30
    Lunch: Bring Your Own.


If you can’t come or you want to do this without us, use the slides from  our Download page.