Do you think colourcash is something new? Really? No. It uses many ideas which have existed for many years.

Economic innovators of LETS systems have for decades published their own money. It already takes away several drawbacks from plain capitalism. But we are taking LETS to the next level: colourcash appreciates the life cycle and energy of products by giving colored-money back for your returns.

These are also the natural principles behind the business-concept Cradle2Cradle and the agricultural philosophy of permaculture. Maximum recycling, energy awareness and the knowing that all is connected. There actually is no difference between these ways of thinking, except their positioning in society as a whole.

How did these trends come to develop? They have been developed as an answer to problems by those who suffered from them. They have arisen, become more popular slowly but surely, without any help or steering from “higher” powers. They all favor cooperation instead of competition. These natural approaches work with patters found in biological evolution, says Elisabet Sahtouris. It’s not competition or survival of the fittest. Self-organizing systems just work, is her message.

Inspiration for colourcash

If you feel related to these topics, you may sometimes feel hindrance from the capitalistic world, that does not stimulate the united approach. Instead, you may find colourcash attractive. Come and see what you can do with colourcash!