Money, its friends and the economic laws

It’s not just the money itself we’re being critical at. Money has many friends and we don’t want those friends either. Also, there are many economic laws we also have cancelled – by ruling out their unwritten assumptions.

Colourcash is not hard to understand, you’ll just have to let go of the “laws” you cling onto.

Economic Laws - The ones ready for deletion
Economic Laws – The ones ready for deletion

Friends of Money

On the following pages you can meet some important friends of money and the joys they bring (….)

  • The Pipeline Model of Production
  • Central Authority
  • Mystery
  • Power / Possession

By ruling out these friends of money and by inviting their counterparts, the Friends of Colourcash, we can see that some laws do longer apply.

Economic Laws

These are just some of the economic laws we declare invalid, as we no longer accept the Friends of Money and the damage they cause.

The first three laws are the kind of rules that belong in the general mindset of today’s economists. They’re not rules layd out by any government or institution; it’s just the way decision makers (see: Central Authority) think, either politician, CEO or economist.

Law 1. We need growth.

Economic growth is the holy grail of today’s economic system. Growth solves unemployment, budget deficits, cuts. Rising figures are the best you can have.

This is the first rule Colourcash identified as outdated: we need balance. Stability. Long-term equilibriums. Of course we need to replace all friends of Money and all Economic Laws it has attached, but, looking at the State of the Planet 2010, we need balance, not growth.

Law 2. Free Market will solve everything

Idea: The Price Mechanism and the Free Market of demand and supply keep the markets in balance.

I remember an argument with an economist – a treasurer actually –  and he (male, white, 60 and yes, bold) was absulutely convinced that the Market will solve the Peak Oil problem.  In case you missed that, check  Anyway, he said, sure, oil supply is declining, okay, but prices have already risen (at the time, oil prices peaked to $150 a barrel), so, I expect that it will be more rewarding to find and exploit oil fields and then, after a while, supply will rise again. Sure supply will rise a bit because of this 10 years later. But will it make up for the declines, at that pace?

Oh, and is Free Market going to fix any of the following: loss of biodiversity, home evictions or split families? Nope.  Stupid question, of course you can’t solve these problems. Unless we rule out Money’s Best Friends and these economic ‘Laws”.

Law 3. Competition is Good

Thanks to competition and Law 2. The Price Mechanism we always have the lowest prices and that’s good. Because, then, you can buy more for the same price.

First let me remind you that there are a lot of costs not included in prices. Ecological problems, social problems, no problem. That part of the bill will not be charged to the consumer but to the planet as a whole.