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Colourcash –  2008

The book on the development of the design of Colourcash (kleureneconomie_, including an index A-Z of economic topics.


Rgbtrade. Online banking systeem and marketplace. 2008-2011

If you vant to start a colourcash community, you may be interested to see this project:  http://rgbtrade.org.

Rgbentium. A font to “make it real”

Rgbentium Font Demonstratie
Rgbentium Font Demo

Like other currencies, colourcash also took a letter, to put in front of any numbers. To make the three letter code RGB recognisable, three arches complete the expercience. For experienced sceptics, see!

The TTF Font works on Windows, Apple and Linux. Install, select the RGBentium font and type R,G or B.

See the  Rgbentium font project page