William (Bill) McDonough and Michael Braungart gave birth to the business concept Cradle to Cradle (cradle 2 cradle, waste = food). The idea is to transform the industry into a fully ecologically intelligent design. Big names such as Ford, Nike and China have already embraced Cradle to Cradle. They have been forced to really look at it by problems they could not solve in the traditional way. A second, decisive argument is, to say it in Ford’s Vice-CEO Timothy O’Brien: … and we are going to by the way make a lot of money out of this. This explains his thinking : I think this is a philosophy that is going to effect on every industry.

Cradle to Cradle

The principle of cradle to cradle implies that everything is to be recycled. No because it should from a moral point of view. No. You’re just stupid if you don’t. It’s a matter of good design. Both the products and the production process have to be designed in a balanced way. Not just from environmental or chemical point of view, but also the human, social and ethical aspects do belong. Who wants to for for a company that is stupid? Respecting people and planet makes happy colleagues and users.